Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Chapter, New Beginnings

Soonie and I are about to start a new, extremely exciting chapter!  We're headed back home early next month, because a great new job opened up at my permanent assignment and I'm looking forward to this important opportunity.  Taking the job, though, sped up my barn search by about a month and a half, and I did enter a brief panic mode about a week ago.

I am up front about Soon's cribbing, and as a result, I've had several barns decline my boarding inquiry.  I'm almost a little shocked at how resistant boarding barns are these days, but not being a barn owner, I guess I cannot judge them for making that decision.  And due to traffic patterns, it seems like a lot of the quality options are not a realistic daily drive, and the ones that are reasonable distance-wise only offer full training board ($1200-1600 per month) as an option.  Suffice it to say, I was quickly running out of options and was beginning to get nervous about what to do with Soon.  And by nervous, I mean almost full-out freak mode and down to one legitimate option before blind panic set in.

Thankfully, something truly wonderful happened.  I reached out to a local, well-respected private farm and they wanted to discuss boarding possibilities.  I drove down today, met the owners, toured the farm, discussed everything at length, and I'm happy to report that Soon and I will be moving there in a month!   I feel like this is the professional environment I was looking for, with the added bonus of a smaller, private farm feel.  They were wonderful, friendly, down-to-earth people who clearly love their horses and don't mess around.  I feel super blessed tonight that these people have welcomed Soon and I to their family!

Until then, we're happy at our current barn, and sad to leave what has been an outstanding temporary situation.  The care has been solid, no unwanted advice and yet a very supportive, fun, and friendly atmosphere.  I am very thankful for this barn manager for her hard work and love for her horses.  It's a wonderful thing to have had Soonie with me in this the last few months; he has been my center, and my sanity.  I'm glad that there are genuine horsemen that we got to meet during our time here.

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