Saturday, May 23, 2015

Truck Time!

I made the decision a couple of months ago to go ahead and buy a truck when my current lease on my sedan expired.  I'm a Chevy girl.  I've driven Ford F-250 diesels in the past and liked them, but this is MY truck and I like a Chevy.  I settled on the Silverado 2500HD with Duramax diesel (with Allison transmission).  It'll be big, it'll be black, and it'll be a hauling machine.

Helloooo gorgeous!

At 3/4 tons with the diesel, it's probably "more truck" than I'd actually require, but it's always better to have more truck than you need when pulling is concerned, so I'm happy I settled on the bigger truck.  A 1500 would be adequate, but I don't want that.  I hope to get a 2-horse gooseneck trailer sometime in the next year; if I have to settle for bumperpull so be it, but I'd like to snatch a decent GN since that's what I really want and like.  They haul better and everyone is happier that way.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a shortage of available black 2500HD diesels with a double cab (plenty of crew cabs, but screw crew cabs), so this beast has to be ordered.  So 8-10 weeks from now I'll be the excited new owner of the first piece of my horsey independence puzzle. 

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