Friday, February 13, 2015

200th post!

We're 200 posts into War Horse and my journey with Soon.  :)

And to celebrate, I'm going to post another photo of my horse, sleeping, because he's that excited about you  And the blog.

He has been foot perfect as usual!  We've had three rides at the new place, did some canter poles last night, and he feels great.  His right hind is now fully closed and doesn't bother him at all now.  We've been taking it easy since he got injured; he's only had light work and with me being gone during the week for the last couple of weeks, he still didn't really get worked even when he was sound and ready to go.  But nowwww....we're reunited and ready to get shit done!

(Soon on the left, me on the right HUA!)

The barn owner complimented him for being such a wonderful, quiet horse to deal with despite everything be totally new.   We both agreed that so long as he has a place to crib, he could care less about where he is or what is going on. ;)

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