Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wild Goose Chase

Really.  We literally chased wild geese out of the dressage arena today.

This has been an overall good horsey week.  Had a breakthrough jumping lesson on Wednesday, where Awesome Trainer Lady had me shorten my (what I thought to already be very short) reins to what I now call my "Pony Jock" reins.  Or racing reins.  Basically uber short with my hands two miles out in front of me.  Soon can get up and short in the neck on the approach, which makes it difficult to adjust and properly communicate with him if my reins are too long.  Where we had some moments starting out (aka the Return of Scary Jumper Lady and taking the flier), shortening the reins to an extreme actually made all the craziness stop.  Suddenly the quiet distance was attainable, he was perfectly adjustable to the base, and we had a lovely last couple of schooling rounds.  I was VERY happy with that development and will have to remember to ride him like an overgrown Welsh pony in the future.

Thursday I was physically broken and lazy, so Bubba and I had a nice walking school where we revisited the turn on the haunches and worked on correcting our shoulder-in.  Yesterday we did something and I'm sure it was important (I do actually remember and it was just another flat school, working on going from working on a shorter outline to stretch and back).  Today I rode him and Zen, did laundry (horsey and human) and generally procrastinated.

Soonie did some unwanted remodeling on his stall yesterday since he doesn't share well with others, and his personal bubble extends into everyone else's stalls.  So after some carpentry (which I did not do because mine would have involved copious amount of duct tape and crying), the damage was repaired (thank you barn owner and hubby!) and they installed a plywood divider to Soon's new stall at the end of the barn.  Now he can't see his neighbors, and there was instantly peace in the kingdom. 

Oh, and I am so not ready for colder temperatures.  I absolutely prefer them to 90+ degrees, but it was damp and just fracking COLD feeling tonight.  I am old.

Don't look so excited

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