Saturday, November 15, 2014

Field Trip!

Soonie and I had an incredible afternoon with one of our best barn buddies!  We loaded the boys up and went down the road to a state park to spend an hour or two on the trails.  It was a great day for it, and a nice chance for me to see how Soon handled himself off the farm.  He was (wait for it....) perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  This is how overly-proud parents must feel when their kids do something special.  Because holy shit, I could just hug that horse ALL DAY.  All day.

He loaded perfectly, shipped fine on the short ride, unloaded calmly and took about 2 seconds to look around at his new surroundings before shoving his face in the grass and eating. 

Zero fucks were given

 He was totally chill from the start, it's like he got off the trailer and said to himself, "Yep, we're in the woods," and went merrily about on his way.  He was happy to hack through the woods, across wooden bridges (never seen one before, but walked right on over it!), share the trail with cyclists and hikers, and generally just be foot-perfect the whole time.  I was thrilled to have a nice, relaxing hack and be able to chat while he walked along on a loose rein.  The scenery was beautiful.

 This was a fantastic first time out.  He has great trailer manners and I'm excited at the zero drama.  He got tons of carrots at the trailer and again at home.  Love this horse!

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