Saturday, March 22, 2014

So apparently...

...getting your Amateur status back with the USEF is not as simple as clicking "Amateur" and signing that you aren't a professional anymore.  Apparently, they want a notarized letter from yourself stating that you haven't participated in the horse industry in a professional capacity in the last 12 months, proof of other employment, notarized letters from at least two other active Senior USEF members testifying that you're not a bloody liar and you are in fact an Amateur, more money to "process" the application, a first born child, blood of a unicorn, and Jimmy Hoffa.

 Seriously considering just saying "forget it" and keeping my Professional status for the time being, considering I'm not bent on showing and I'm not entirely sure why I renewed my USEF membership in the first place (I must have been bored).  They make it SO EASY to declare Professional status (seriously, just click the box! Clicky clicky!), and make it such a giant PAIN IN THE ASS to return to being an Amateur.  I am going to think about this.

In other news, Soonie and I are moving back to the east coast!  He and I will be heading to the glorious horse country of the Mid-Atlantic region this summer.  I am so unbelievably lucky to have the opportunity to return to that part of the country I loved so much when I was a professional horseman.  Now I get to enjoy it with a different profession and a little better income!  I am already shopping around for barns for Bubba, because he deserves the best.  Good thing I have lots of options.  My dream for him is to be able to (eventually) live in a beautiful, green pasture with his buddies when I'm not fussing over him.  We'll have plenty of hunting, eventing, trail riding, etc adventures out there for sure!  :)

He's continued to be brilliant all week under saddle.  He was actually a little forward tonight with the cooler weather that set in, but all that means is we had to canter off a couple laps of excess energy before getting to real canter work.  No big deal, I stayed up in the two-point and let him roll along in a nice, forward stretch.  We had a really great complete flat school tonight, which built off the two terrific trot stretch schools from the last couple of days. Love this boy.  He is my whole world right now.  <3

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