Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It took exactly 37 seconds....

...for my USEF/USHJA membership renewals to get effed up.  I haven't been an active member since 2007 (ish?), back when I was a Professional, and now I want my ammy status back and specifically selected AMATEUR, signed, and selected that I accepted the terms and complied with the regs...and my temp card absolutely says SENIOR PRO.  Thanks internet.  Can't wait to jump through hoops to get this fixed.

In other news, Soonie has been fantastic.  Here's a recap of our shenanigans:

Last Saturday:  Had his first chiropractic adjustment (and spring shots yay!).  He was excellent for the vet when she did the chiro work on him, he received many compliments.  If he goes missing, I know to question the vet first.  He got the day off from work because of the adjustment.

Last Sunday:  Planned on taking him for a very light ride, doing some bending/suppling stuff at the walk and maybe at the trot.  Didn't want to push it given that he had just received the chiropractic treatment.  He had been kicked on the top of his right front leg, and walked out of the stall three legged lame.  He milked it.  Walked back to his stall soundly (MAGIC!!) and got the day off just to be safe.

Monday:  Was seen running around field all day.  Very sound. 

Thursday:  Flat school (walk/trot), good boy.

Friday:  I went to ride in the evening and found him with his face in his large dinner (barn crew fed late), and I elected not to make him work in the unseasonably warm weather and on a full stomach.  He rejoiced, I was pissed.

Saturday:  Very awesome long hack down the road in 60+ degree weather!  Got to sport his new Back on Track sheet for a couple of hours too!  :)

Sunday:  Another awesome flat school, this time around some other horses/riders, he was showing off his stretching skills.

He was great last night too, even when one of the school horses had a special moment and bolted.  The key with Soonie now is lots of leg yields at the walk and trot - gets him softer faster, and deeper into the stretch.  He yields wonderfully off the leg in the stretch too.  The loose, swinging, forward gait is such a big difference from when I was first introducing leg yields to him and trying to hold him together. 
Happy boy!

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