Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Holy awesome flat school, Batman!

I'll spare you the overly verbose and probably really repetitive description....tonight's flat school was super duper fantasticsauce! 

We did our usual walking warm up with leg yields and square turns/turns on the haunches.  We moved into our trot and Soonie went immediately into the stretch, and got very loose and swinging after only 10 minutes of trot work.  He stepped into the right lead canter beautifully from the trot stretch, and gave me an amazing stretch canter.  He was so loose and forward tonight.  It's so great when I'm on him and can recognize, in that exact moment, how good the quality of the gait is and how fantastic he feels.  Same thing on left lead, then a flying change back to right lead and he got REALLY deep in the stretch at the very end in the canter.  He was clearly feeling great because he was super elastic - seriously, his nose was maybe a foot off the ground in a lovely, forward canter.  It's like riding a ball that's rolling forward.  We stepped back to a deep trot stretch, and called it a night.  Probably about only 20-25 minutes of actual work.  What a lovely boy.  :)

Can't wait to get more recent footage because he's made enormous progress in just a month or so of focused schooling.

Who's the best?  Bubba is!

I crib on other horse's stall doors

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