Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday flat update

Love my sleepy sweet boy <3
Soonie and I had a relatively long flat school on Saturday (boy worked hard!) with extra canter and trot work.  So today I decided that we'd do a shorter (30 minute) flat school today to keep things light and happy.  Despite working his little butt off yesterday (we had our first canter transition bobble in a long time and had to work through it), he was absolutely fantastic today (as were his canter transitions!).  The footing is in need of a good drag, but we made the best of it today.  He was his usual good self on the flat, and it's so nice to have those "wow" moments (literally said "wow" as I was cantering around because he felt great).  Also nice that he has such a wonderful work ethic and attitude.  His fluffy little ears are always up when he finishes a workout.  He knows I'm happy with him, and he seems very chuffed with himself as well!  Good boy.  :)

I also caught up with the nice lady down the street who offered her property to ride on.  Turns out she has many acres, a pond, a trail, and an apple orchard that are all open to riding.  I will deliver some nice wine to her when the weather allows Soonie and I to make a visit.  Can't wait for the snow to go away so we can take advantage of the lovely offer!  :)

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