Sunday, March 26, 2017

World Cup Finals 2017 - Omaha bound!

I'm flying back out to Omaha on Tuesday to enjoy the FEI World Cup Finals Omaha 2017.  I am so excited to return to Omaha, where I spent the better part of six years and where Soon and I got our start.  Omaha and Nebraska have a special place in my heart.  I'll defend them to the death from any ignorant asshat who dared open their mouths and complain that the FEI awarded the Finals to Omaha in the first place.

Looking at you, Facebookers and COTHers who whined like little bitches.

This is a chance for the world to see a different type of American city.  I love Las Vegas, my Vegas trips are some of the most fun I've had ever, but let's face it - this is a chance for the globe to see what the middle of America has to offer.  And it offers the chance to grow the sport in a thirsty market.

Omaha is a great city, with all the conveniences and very few of the hassles.  The people are fabulous and they get behind events like this.  The city hosts the College World Series, which brings 300K+ people to the Omaha area annually.  The expected 70K (?) for the World Cup will be nothing.  The international horses enjoyed a short, probably 10 minute trailer ride from Eppley to the CenturyLink Center.  The Omaha Equestrian folks have been working the last six or so years hosting the International Omaha jumper show at that venue, honing their skills.  I attended the first three years and saw a very polished product by the time I left in 2014.  I expect that they will be on point for World Cup. 

I'm excited to spend time with great friends that I consider family.  I'm thrilled to share Omaha and Nebraska with my horsey buddy who's making the trip with me.  And of course I'm beyond excited to spend five days completely immersed in the best competition in the world.

I moved to Nebraska for love.  It didn't work out...but a few years later I found it in an adorable little bay gelding, so I guess in the end I found love after all.  Nebraska, its country, its people...I fell in love with them too.

Some of my favorite photos of Soon and I in Nebraska:

My cool Nebraska guy...

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