Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What have we been up to...


Well...That's not entirely accurate.  Here's a low-down:

- Did not go to Anne Kursinski clinic in November due to mild "not quite right"-ness in Soon's right front ankle.  I'm calling it Racing Ankle now and it has since calmed the hell down.  Fought like hell to get up to Market Street in December for lessons, but couldn't nail down dates.  We might try lessons this spring, but likely will just try the November 2017 clinic if all else fails.

- Did a consolation Ray Wheeler clinic with Soonie in November and he jumped around like a super star.  I loved working with Ray.  Felt good about my life decisions.

Finally got that random photoshoot shot.  Didn't suck.

- Jumped back into my hockey routine by joining two teams and had a blast. Hockey kind of ruled the winter.  I even backstopped my team to a huge win in the first ever Army/Navy hockey game at the Verizon Center.  It was kind of a big deal.  Check out this super duper awkward interview with me at the end of this video:

- Hockey also kind of ruined my winter.  Got a concussion playing with my men's team when two dudes essentially crashed into me and the net.  It has since been a saga of conflicting diagnoses and guidance from doctors, and now extra (unnecessary?) referrals courtesy of the head injury clinic...I think I'm close to getting cleared for full activity though, so keep fingers crossed.

We're making the best of my current situation though

My usual training routine with Soon has been completely thrown out the window since probably December.  Between my schedule, the weather, hockey, and now this concussion, pretty much the best I can do is inconsistent rides with little/no training goals.  Basically I'm at the "don't fall off and don't mess up the horse to where you'll hate yourself more later."  So...lots of hacking/hill work, some basic flat work in the ring, and a temporary ban on jumping until my brain gets cleared.  Once I get a green light, it's going to be full on 4-5 day/week training schedule with hopefully regular jump schools, lessons, and also hopefully some trail ride trips and cross-country outings.  In the short term, I get to look forward to our annual Spring Cleaning this weekend, where this guy gets a bath and a full clip:

Spring full clip:  BRING IT ON
Other things I need to blog about:
- Hopping up to NYC to ride horses in Central Park! :-D  Dream come true!

- GOING TO WORLD CUP!!  Flying back "home" to Omaha to catch up with some wonderful friends and enjoy the top horse sport in the world.  Competition starts in 7 days, get psyched!!

It should be a good summer.  Bubba seems to think so anyway...

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