Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Buy your very own (potential) Soonie!!!

No, mine is not for sale.  But one of his relatives is!

Tenmor - War Horse for Sale (CANTER Illinois)

He's a 10 year old Indiana-bred by Tenpins, with 75 starts (Stakes winner!) and over $200K in career earnings.  He seems like a sweet guy in his photos and videos (sadly, not much information in the ad itself).  And although he's blind in one eye, I would be willing to bet with his racing history, if he's half as personable as Soonie is, this horse would be a superstar for someone.

Again...if I could afford to keep more than one horse, I'd be tempted to snatch him up just because.  He has Soon's eye, his face, similar movement and history (although way more successful at the track).  I hope he finds a soft place to land.  If he's anything like Brother, I'm sure this horse is sound, sane, professional, multi-talented, and ready for his person to come along.  We're rooting for you Tenmor!!

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