Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Seven Month Recap


Guess life just got busy and I got tired of blogging, but I did at least want to say that Soon and I are alive and well.  And of course...he is still perfect.  Still no competition plans, but I'm toying with potentially getting him in the hunt field this fall, and we're doing some jump clinics this summer.  I need to start back in with dressage lessons as well.  Overall though, we're just enjoying our time together on and off the farm thanks to our new wheels.

Here's a quick photographic recap of the last seven months:

We did jump schools in the snow

And took selfies on random 70-degree days in winter

And he fell in love with our new mini donkeys

And went on field trips

And looked damn good on said field trips

And educated kids about horse shoeing

And was the star jumper at open house demos

And makes me smile every day

And makes me so unbelievably grateful

Now that I'm out of the crazy last job and into a new position, one that hopefully is going to be less stressful and more predictable, I hope to be more involved around the farm.  I want to be more useful to the Thoroughbred placement program we have, as well as our new veterans' program and getting that going.  I have to fill a void from a wonderful relationship with a great man that came and went...throwing myself back into horses seems like a good idea to stay busy.  I know Soonie is there to pick me up and carry me through like he did last he has always done.  Bless this horse!

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