Thursday, November 26, 2015


So.....this happened last week:



I got the truck this summer brand new, so I told myself I'd wait until spring or so to look at trailers.  I had a finite amount of cash to throw at a trailer, and enough to buy one outright, but certainly not a brand new gooseneck. And I wanted a gooseneck for many reasons most folks already know about, so no need to get into it.  But getting one on a budget means that I have to settle for either 8-10+ year old rigs, or a special circumstance.  So when that special circumstance popped up two weeks ago, I jumped on it and rode it all the way home. 

This is Adam!  It's a 2010 Adam 2-horse all-aluminum trailer that was custom built for its first owner.  The original owner was older and decided to stop traveling with her horses, hence her putting this rig up for sale.  Finding a 5 year old lightly used trailer in my budget was rare, so no way was I letting this one go when I stumbled across it online.  It's been very well kept and is a super nice little rig!  The horse area has plenty of room for Soonie and a buddy without being too big, and the dressing room (which is totally for me) has some very nice perks.

STAIRS!! And storage boxes! And a free mattress!

Walk-through door to horse compartment

So let's just talk about the stairs for a second....GENIUS.  The woman who owned it originally ordered those installed so she'd have an easier time getting up into the gooseneck.  At first I wasn't sure about them, but they are legitimately wonderful.  I've always loved a straight load over a slant, and since a side load or 2+1 arrangement was out of my price range, I was happy with this arrangement.  And I talked them down off the original price, so I got a relatively new-ish trailer AND the B&W GN hitch installed in my total budget.

Soon approved


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