Sunday, November 1, 2015

Grid day!

I was so happy to hear that some of the folks at the barn were doing grid work today.  I was even happier when Soonie and I got to join in on the action!  It's hard to do grids/gymnastics on our own, it's so much nicer with other folks helping as ground crew.  We haven't done much grid work in the grand scheme of things, and I'd like to change that.  So when I was told they try to have regular jump days now where we set grids and courses for each other, I was pretty tickled.  Regular gymnastic sessions outside of lessons?  Wow, things ARE getting serious! ;)

Today's grid was a Jim Wofford Special: a set of four trot poles to a cross rail, 19' to a vertical, 20' to an oxer, and 18' to another vertical.  The goal here was adjustability, to help the horse set himself lengthen and shorten on his own.  We started with just the trot poles, and slowly added elements one pole (then jump) at a time until the whole line was set up.  Both Soon and his jumping pal were spectacular.  No issues through the grid whatsoever, which is great considering that we really haven't done grids consistently....ever. 

Full grid in the background
And given his minor breakdown over trotting four trot poles (set on a circle) in the warm up area, I was even more curious to see how he'd be through the grid.  We worked through the trot pole/circle issue and got his confidence back up before heading to the grid.  He was foot perfect through it, and I was reminded how adjustable he over fences, and how much he seems to love it.  Pole work he could take or leave, but the jumping is way more fun for him.  He felt great today.  :)

He was pretty chuffed with himself
Also...fingers crossed for lights!  There may be a chance to get some lighting installed so we can at least flat in the ring at night.  Please oh please oh please...

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