Friday, August 21, 2015

Two-month recap!

So clearly I have been a little busy for the blog lately...I started a new, high-visibility and high speed position at work just after the last blog entry, and life hasn't really slowed down much since.  Things are great, Soonie is looking awesome, feeling great, and going well. 

The barn owner suggested we swap the rice bran for soybean oil to increase the fat content and make Soon's meals easier to digest.  We also transitioned him off the Ultium and onto Hay Stretcher pellets.  The other Thoroughbreds on the farm do well on this diet, and it was something I was considering for Soon as well.  When the barn owner noticed he was cribbing a lot during the day (something I don't see because I'm only there for a couple of hours, and working with him the whole time and not sitting back and observing his eating/cribbing habits), she thought he may still have some stomach discomfort and that the diet change might soothe him.  So far it's working - he'll never stop cribbing, but he's cribbing less and definitely working a lot more on his hay than before.  So color me happy, and it's so lovely to have a barn owner and staff that are looking out for him like that.  I very much appreciate the expertise at this facility.  Bubba is a happy boy.  :)

I'm trying to get synched up with the resident dressage trainer for regular lessons, and jumping lessons are still getting arranged with a local BNT.  Still in the works.

I've not gotten to ride consistently during the week - sometimes I'm out there three times during the week, sometimes only once, so our regular workout schedule has been disrupted.  Despite that, though, Soonie is still going well on the flat and over fence.  Here are some pictures from the last two months!

Bubba meets Goat #1

Fellow thinks that everything is about him.  So cute.

Lots and lots of hacking!

Field mates watching us hack


So handsome

My favorite view <3

We jump the big bench like it's nothing! :)

Horse heaven

He was the farm's Uncle Sam for Independence Day :)

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