Friday, August 21, 2015


The Public Affairs office at work found out I am an "equestrian" (a word I only ever hear used by non-horse people, lol), and asked me if I'd be interested in being featured in a human interest story.  It was a totally random and wonderful surprise to see that request in my inbox on a Monday morning!  After a quick pre-interview in the office, they came out to the farm this morning to get some action footage and do that actual onsite interview.

Best Farm Owner Ever was very welcoming of this, and the farm looked incredible this morning.  The weather was perfect, and after a late night after work getting Soonie bathed, trimmed up, tack cleaned, and jumps set, everything was gleaming for our big day.  PA came out with three guys; two manning video cameras, and a still photographer.  My very good horsey friend also generously gave up her morning to come and help keep my head screwed on straight (thank you!!).  To have such a crew there just for Soonie and I felt somewhat strange, but very fun.  They got footage of me grooming and tacking up Soon, asked me questions about the horse care routine, etc, and then we got into the riding footage.

Soonie was a total ROCK STAR about all the cameras.  He had massive rigs shoved in his face all morning, and he really seemed to almost enjoy it.  There were huge tripods in the barn, but when it came to the action footage, things got crazy.  One of the guys wore a body-mounted rig, which freaked me out, but Soon didn't bat an eye at it.  Zero fucks given.  All three guys were all over the ring while I rode, and Bubba jumped everything like a star even with Crazy Camera Rig Dude and Daredevil Photographer Man being extremely close.  Check this insanity out:

I had SUCH a great time talking about Soon, my riding career, what horses mean to me today and how I manage them with my career.  I am so excited to see the footage, the final product, and the photos.  Soonie got one million carrots to further reinforce that Diva-ing is a good thing.  To finish off the morning I did a fly-by to the cameras, and saluted as we galloped by.  SO. FUN!

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