Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Trip Report!

Soonie and I are back home!  The trip went perfectly and Bubba settled into his new home like an absolute champ.   I got up and went to the barn first thing in the morning to load up his gear...speaking of which, I have way too much shit.  I brought a carload worth of my stuff home the weekend before, and I had guessed that I could fit all of Soonie's things (with the exception of his feed bins) in my car with the remaining personal items of mine.

Yep so that didn't happen at all.  I had way more personal stuff than I originally thought, so Soonie's tack trunk and two feed bins had to ride in the rig (which was fine because he was the only horse on the trailer).  The World's Best Shipper arrived right on time at 9am and Bubba (who is ever the professional) walked straight on the trailer and was ready to roll.  No calling, no pawing, no shenanigans of any kind, he just stood there patiently waiting for us to get on the road.  Then I got to stare at his beautiful rear end for the better part of two hours.

I don't know what's sexier, Soon's ass or this rig

I know now how parents feel watching their kids do something that's somewhat dangerous.  It's tough putting your baby into a metal box on wheels.  They trust us enough to walk on to said metal box on wheels even though it's probably the most unnatural place on earth for a horse to be.  So seeing him the whole trip was somewhat new and very nerve wracking - totally different than being up behind the wheel.  He's a really good shipper; only kicked once when we were first getting going and dealing with several stop signs.  Once we got out of town and rolling, he happily munched on his hay and looked out the window.

I followed along directly behind the trailer driving shotgun - making sure other cars didn't get too close and making space for lane changes.  I take my shotgun driving way too seriously and every time some impatient a$$hat snuck in between my car and the trailer, I looked at Soonie's butt and thought...

And then they crept up way too close to the trailer I actually said (because the driver in the other car can totally hear me)...

And when they don't back off immediately I just wanted to go all this guy on them...


...But I didn't because I'm a good person and just sat there hating them silently or maybe whispering graphic obscenities under my breath until we hit a passing zone and they got off my horse's ass.

World's Best Shipper and I arrived exactly on time to the new farm.  Soonie stepped quietly on the trailer, looked around, and immediately started eating grass.  We walked part way down the drive and let him take in some of his surroundings for a few minutes before I put him in his new stall (with practically a whole bale of hay sitting in it) and returned the trailer to unpack his things.  I brought him out shortly thereafter for a little walkabout - we strolled around part of the farm perimeter and stopped so he could eat when he felt like it.  He was incredibly relaxed and seemed very content.  Again, very professional with zero shenanigans.  He just calmly walked around with me like he had lived there for years.  He ate and drank well, and overall seemed to adjust very quickly and as well as (better than) I could have hoped.  He's an easy going horse, is used to going places, and it shows.  I am completely thrilled and very proud of him!

Yay good boy!

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