Sunday, June 7, 2015

Greatest Moments, Big and Small

Yesterday I watched as American Pharoah galloped into the history books as the 12th horse to ever win the Triple Crown. After 37 years, many believed it was no longer possible.  He defied logic and science and did something we may not see again in our lifetime.

I admit I was almost beside myself with excitement when he came around the final turn and drew away from Frosted at the top of the stretch.  There was a wave of joy, of energy, of relief, of pure astonishment at this horse's performance.  He looked like he was out for a morning gallop, easing toward the finish line, while the rest of the field was running backward.  All this from a horse that seems to be a quiet, people-pleasing lap dog when not romping around the track.  Remarkable.  I am so happy for his racing connections, who seem to be forever humbled by this accomplishment, and I'm also excited for the horse world.  What a day.  What a horse!

Meanwhile...Soonie and I are packed up and ready to move back down the road.  My assignment is over, and we're headed back home to start the next chapter in our lives.  Our barn family up here put on a great going-away cookout on Friday night.  The way to my heart is food, by the way.  Especially food on the grill.  So that was pretty great, and it saddens me to leave a small, but great group of people.

Soon has had some rain rot issues on his hind legs, which blew up a few days ago and I've been working like crazy to get his legs cleaned up and down to normal.  He's looking a lot better and we've taken it very lightly on the riding the last few days as a result.  But he was good enough today to jump around a little bit, so we took advantage of the beautiful weather for one last opportunity to hop over some sticks.  He was lovely as usual; it's such a blessing to enjoy those nice moments with him.  It's just jumping around some little jumps in our backyard, but it means the world to me, and he makes me so happy.  :)

This. Horse. Is. Incredible.

He really does love his wife

Had a bath and rolled immediately...well played.  I'm going to miss this scene.

Fingers crossed that the move goes well again.  Here's to a new chapter.

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