Wednesday, December 3, 2014

REAL Stories of Abuse (Warning: disturbing photos and video)

I saw some things today, horrific horse abuse cases that truly sickened me and made me sad for these amazing animals.  It's also maddening to me that New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio is actually introducing a bill to ban NYC carriage horses by 2016, animal rights activists and ignorant public are calling working horses "abused," when there is REAL abuse taking place not far away.  There is no comparison to what you're about to see...

Monica Thors is a harness trainer in New Jersey who has been brought up on two counts of animal abuse for allegedly repeatedly filing her horse's feet down so severely that they bled.  Three horses have been put down due to hoof infections, some were missing entire hoof walls.  The "Stop Monica Thors" Facebook page has extremely graphic photos of these horses' feet, the deranged woman standing over them with Dremel and rasp in hand, smiling.  Those familiar with the case say that she purposefully files or Dremels the hoof walls down until they bleed, and then launches into extreme efforts to save them.  She seems clearly mentally ill.  Other allegations state that Thors cuts her cats' claws and whiskers off.  Her Facebook page is almost entirely shots of her under her horses, destroying their feet, and her with a smile on her face.  Her horses were recently seized and those that were not lame were described as overweight. She claims those horses were in "race training."  I have never seen a horse in any kind of race training that fat; not Thoroughbreds, and not the Standardbreds I see every week here on the training track.  Full of lies.

The other case I came across today was a story out of Copiah County, Mississippi, where approximately 80 horses were discovered in various stages of starvation and neglect.  About 20 corpses were discovered laying uncovered in open areas, likely where the horses collapsed and died.  One mare was stuck in a concrete trough; she bloodied herself in the struggle to get out, and died there.  Click through the photos of dead horses and wounded/starving horses on that Facebook page; be forewarned, the photos are also extremely graphic.

Ladies and gentlemen, the above stories are TRUE examples of equine abuse and neglect.  Death.  Destruction.  Pain.  Suffering.  Animals who endure silently while they're being tortured, or starve slowly out in fields until they drop dead, and are left to rot.

Please, if you're a horse owner and horse enthusiast of any kind, I urge to you please support your local ANIMAL WELFARE groups; groups and local shelters that have a direct impact on cases such as these.  Groups who will use your money and donations to good use for animals.  Please DO NOT support animal rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  These groups seek to pad their bottom line and their ultimate goal as animal rights groups (NOT animal welfare groups) is the complete elimination of all animal use.  That's right....companion animals too.  No more pet cats, dogs, fish, birds, no eating beef or fish or poultry, no using horses for anything at all....don't support their agenda.

And yet, these propaganda monsters are attacking the NYC Carriage horses, calling the practice of working animals "abusive."  Check out my previous post about supporting NYC Carriage Horses, why I know first hand that these animals impeccably well kept (because they have to be!), and the difference between "animal welfare" (good) and "animal rights" (bad).

Please support the Carriage Horses and their drivers!  I hope the bill is just a symbolic effort on DeBlasio's part to please his real estate mogul buddies who funded his campaign (they want the property the horse stables currently occupy.  But if it isn't, and it gets passed, the ban on carriage horses in NYC would set a horrible precedence that the animal rights agenda would use to ban carriage horses in other cities.  After carriage horses, it could be show horses, or race horses, or pleasure horses....the slippery slope would eventually lead to the end of all horse use and ownership. 

Healthy, content working animals are not abused.  Using horses appropriately, and caring for them with strict standards is not abuse.  It makes me SO ANGRY that ignorant general public who have NO idea about ANYTHING relating to animal husbandry, let alone livestock care, are smearing the tightly-regulated carriage horse industry in NYC and convincing other ignorant people that the practice is horrid.  I hate, hate, hate that these assholes who haven't spent any time on a farm other than some stupid little petting zoo they went to once, are somehow anointing themselves "experts" in horse care.

NYC Carriage Horses are not abused.  See the first two stories above for REAL cases of abuse.  If you're in NYC and care at all about horses, please call your Councilmen and urge them not to approve this bill.  Remind them what real abuse looks like.

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