Saturday, December 13, 2014

Massive Middleburg Hunt Review Post and I love my horsey

In short, I went to Middleburg last weekend for the annual Hunt Review and Christmas Parade with a wonderful friend and had a fantastic day!  We did some shopping, I picked up those oh-so-"fashionable" wax coats (which was immediately useful thanks to the heavy rain that day) and managed to come home with yet another potentially unnecessary, but  beautiful show coat.  So there's that.  We're not allowed to go shopping together anymore because this always seems to happen.  Problem is shopping is so fun.  So. Fun.  And even though I lived in the area for a couple of years, Middleburg never gets old.  Ever.

Photos from the Middleburg Hunt Review:

I was so distracted by the horses that I forgot to take a picture of Santa

And then I had a crazy week, where my back decided to check out completely and I didn't get to the barn for four straight days.  I knew Soonie would be fine; he's blessed with the ability to be the same undersaddle if he's ridden every day, or once a month.  I finally made it out to ride today, and suffice it to say, Soon makes my heart happy.  So, so happy.  Like, I can't believe I stayed the fuck home on nights where I could have at least gone to the barn for cuddles.  Would have saved on the crankiness on Thursday and Friday, I'm sure. 

I can't thank my barn ladies enough for checking in on him while I was absent, I love you all!  Soonie and I had a great flat school today outside on the track (walk/trot/canter).  He just felt awesome and I felt good in the saddle.  I didn't do anything super complicated given that my back is being a bitch and Bubba had most of the week off, but the leg yields were good in all gaits, he was forward and soft, and great both in the shorter outline and in the stretch.  All in all, a super productive ride and there was a lot of cuddle time before and after.  I needed that big time.  I missed this boy.

Looking good!


Soonie loves stretching.  He just disappears down there

So handsome...

...and noble.

Four days away and I honestly freaked out and took about 25 pictures

I just love this horse

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