Saturday, July 12, 2014

Puffy Wuffy

I showed up to the barn intending to take Soonie on a short trail ride, since it's hot and he's had two great dressage schools in as many days.  Unfortunately he came out of the stall short on his left front and had some edema in there.  Didn't seem hot and didn't have a pulse to it, but he was also puffy in the right hind (which happened a couple days ago).  He trotted sound on the lunge line in the ring so I tacked him up, thinking that a little walk would bring the edema down, but heading back to the ring he sounded short on that left front again, so I said forget it.  We walked to the car and grabbed the Back on Track wraps from my trunk.  I untacked and wrapped him so he could spend a few hours in the wraps before they got taken off and he was turned out.  This horse tries so hard for me every day, has such a great attitude about life, so it's not worth pushing him.  It's *hopefully* nothing, fingers crossed that he looks good the next few days.

I got the ride on one of the barn owner's ex-racehorses as well.  Zen is a seven year old Thoroughbred mare.  I'm happy to pick up an extra ride on the weekends without the additional expenses.  I did some round pen/groundwork with her today, and she was pretty good.  She thought the whole thing was an "eat and run" buffet experiment (round pen is on grass), but other than the food distraction, she eventually caught on to what I was asking and came around.  She should be fun to play with and is super cute and sweet.


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