Thursday, July 10, 2014

Barn Bliss

I love our new barn.  LOVE IT.  Everyone here has been super pleasant and friendly, very supportive of each other, and just flat out helpful.  The barn owner and barn manager and I have been working well together to get Soon's weight back up, and I'm happy to report that it's starting to noticeably improve.  I suspect in another month he's going to be looking really amazing.  He's on day six of the Ulcergard (omeprazole) treatment as well, which I'm doing as just a precaution in case he did develop any ulcer issues with the trip.  It's almost cute how he looks forward to his nightly Ulcergard, it's seems palatable, and he knows he gets a carrot immediately afterward.  Sign him up!  ;)  He's loving the rice bran as well, so things are all coming together and starting to show some marked weight gain.  Color me relieved.

Soonie also got his feet done today!  He got an excellent report card and a barn buddy was happy to hold him for me while I was at work (she was kind enough to text me that photo with the caption "I am a totally adorable gentleman."  Aww!).  Farrier did nice work and is reasonably priced for this area, so, that was an added bonus.  When I arrived, I chatted with the barn owner and thanked her for sneaking him into the rotation today, and she gushed about how much she loved Soon's personality and attitude. It's just wonderful to have folks say such lovely things about your horse, how special he seems, how he's endearing himself to them, just to say them.  Makes me feel like people around here really just love being around their horses.

Bubba love mirror.  I love mirror.
I took Soon out for a light ride this evening; I wanted to take it easy as it was hot and muggy, he just had his feet done, and we've both had a couple days off.  I'm working on some of the things we introduced in last week's lesson, and I think that we had a couple of really good moments tonight.  The work on the connection is improving our stretch work as well, and it's nice to feel things click in both the longer, lower outline, and the shorter, higher one as well.  We're still only doing a few minutes at a time on the shorter rein, but he's coming into that outline a little easier each time we do it and feels great. I'm really looking forward to how much we can progress with the resources we have here.  Good stuff and I love my Soonie!  :)

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