Sunday, June 29, 2014

Trail Exploration #1

Soon and I headed out today with a barnmate in what will become our weekly Sunday trail ride (hooray!).  It is so nice to have someone else that is interested in going on regular hacks for a change, so that Soonie and I don't have to go out alone all the time.  The weather was great, the trail was quiet, the horses were perfect, and we got some good exploration of the area done in one direction.  We'll have a look in the other direction next week (I hear there are some XC jumps to play over, so I'm looking forward to that too).  Nice conversation too, I'm really enjoying the new barn!

I love being able to just enjoy lovely rides like that, to enjoy having such a wonderful horse who is impressing everyone with his temperament and attitude.  I was all smiles today between the good hacking and Soonie's unbelievable cuteness.  Holy cuddliness, Batman.  :)

Crossing "the desert" we found

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