Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jump Field Fun

Today was our first jump session out in the field, and Soonie was great.  The goal was just to hop over each fence and do a light school.  I was interested to see how he'd do jumping out in a wide open area versus an enclosed ring, which he is used to.  With the exception of one "WHEE!" moment after the line up the hill, he was exceptionally well behaved and didn't bat an eye at a single thing.  The only new thing out there was a rail covered in tires, and he didn't look at all.  He was a little more forward/on the bridle than normal, but that's to be expected out in a big old field for the first time and over new stuff he hasn't seen before.  He was still very rideable, and showed plenty of patience when I asked him to wait for the quiet distance.  He did well going around with the variance in terrain too.  Overall, a lovely ride and I'm very proud of my boy!

Once we have his weight back to normal I will start jumping lessons with the event trainer, and am looking forward to some challenges.  We started him on rice bran today, that will be added to his existing ration of Ultium (high fat/high fiber concentrate).  Hopefully that will help speed up the process combined with his 12+ hours of grass turnout.  With the heat of the summer here, and his tendency to drop some weight with weather changes, he may end up staying on it, we'll see.  Fingers crossed that will be enough, otherwise we may do another round of omeprazole in case he developed an ulcer on the trip.  

So far I'm loving the atmosphere at the new barn.  It's a mix of different disciplines, though mostly dressage riders with a couple of us jumper/event folk mixed in.  Everyone seems super friendly and supportive; there isn't a competitive nature to this place.  I spent the afternoon just hanging out and BSing with the other boarders and the barn owner, playing with the kitten and just enjoying the nice weather.  Soonie and I are going trail riding with one of the other boarders tomorrow morning; how nice it is to be part of a community! :)


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