Sunday, November 10, 2013

Extra energy can be a good thing

That's right, I used the phrase "extra energy" in regards to Soon.  Hold on to your butts! 

Ok not really.  I took him out in the outdoor warm up ring because the weekend weather is fantastic (we had a lovely 5 mi hack down the road yesterday in equally amazing November weather).  But the warm up ring is in his "scary" corner of the farm, and now that the tree line lacks leaf cover and he can see into the adjacent field, it's a whole new kind of "holy shit."  He started off fine and we worked on walking serpentines and the connection with the outside rein, but he invented things to be worried about and actually felt hot-blooded for a few minutes, LOL!   We came down out of the trot and worked on walking around quietly and softly, before I called that a win and moved him into the indoor to finish the flat school.

Naturally he was very good and quiet in the indoor, but the extra push in his step from being slightly wound up from outside actually made his trot work that much better.  Not that I want him spun up during his workouts, but it was nice to feel a little extra energy in his stride, versus his normal old school horse routine.  He worked through the energy fine and quietly as we focused on lots of 10, 15 and 20 meter trot circles, changes of direction/bend, etc.  He came forward much more easily and was well in the bridle - felt great!  He's like a fun little sports car.  He seemed pretty pleased with himself when he was done, and I agree - he felt amazing and it's nice when we can work through a rough moment together and get to a great spot to end on.  :)

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