Sunday, November 24, 2013


Winter finally arrived with lows in the single digits and highs in the 20's the last couple of days.  Soonie got his midweight blanket and turnout sheet combo finally switched for his new heavyweight blanket.  It belonged to my first heart horse (Triple), and she only wore it one winter, so it's still pretty new.  I was thrilled to see it fit Soon like a glove too.  It was a neat, somewhat nostalgic moment for me when I got him all tucked in...kind of like a passing of the torch, but in blanket form.  :)

So Bubba had the last 10 days off from riding because of a small scrape on the top of his wither that bothered him when I rode - he was very tense and inverted to the right one night as a result.  It looked like it was healing over well, so I hopped on today to see how he'd do.  Of course he was perfect!  Very soft, round, dead quiet as usual, and no tension whatsoever.  He had lovely moments at the walk, trot, and canter in both directions, despite being in a busy ring.  His flat work is such a joy - I can't help but smile because not only that, but he's a joy to ride no matter what we're doing, and I missed being on him!

He did bleed again slightly from that nickle-sized scrape on his wither, so I'm thinking about giving him another week and going from there.  He is very steady undersaddle whether he gets ridden or not, so the extra time off isn't a bad thing.  I just don't want him tense and uncomfortable like he was 10 days ago, poor guy.  He was a very happy worker today though, so that was great to see. :)

It's also great to report that he's very well settled into the big herd!  Yesterday he was out there hanging around with a buddy, and today he was in the lower part of the field with a couple of mares, working on one of the round bales.  It's awesome to see him doing well out there in a big social situation.  Being a horse is just another thing that he's getting great at. :)

Cha-Cha came over to say hi, Soonie's back there cribbing like a champ

Fuzzy pony!!

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