Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Meet "Soon"

I loved checking out the CANTER websites on occasion.  I could lose myself for hours looking at all the Thoroughbreds ready for new careers.  After a year and a half of casual horse shopping (both online and locally), I discovered a gorgeous bay gelding on one of the CANTER sites.  Here's what caught my attention:

Uhhh....YEAH!   :-D

So not entirely sure I wanted a horse or was ready for that commitment, but perhaps a bit in love, I called his owner/trainer.  He sounded perfectly lovely, so I flew out to the track (literally flew, like in an airplane, because I live in the middle of nowhere) to take a look and possible take a gamble of a different kind on this guy.  Long story short, I bought him that day.  I almost couldn't believe what I was doing!  I admit, I was kind of enjoying the non-horsey owner life, because my apartment was always clean, my clothes were never covered in mud/hair/poo, and my car looked like it belonged to a normal person.

But I missed having my horse.  Mine, mine, mine, nobody else's.  That's why this whole thing felt right, and I took the plunge back into horse ownership (this time, all on my own).  So I purchased him that day, he shipped about a week later, and we have hung out together every day since.  I knew that when he walked off the truck at 1:15am (not a typo!), straight into the barn and settled immediately (even walked calmly around the huge, barely lit indoor), that I *might* have something good.  Special, even.  Judgments were still very much out, and would be for many weeks as we got to know each other.

Soon is an incredibly sweet horse, first and foremost - he is such a love!  He honestly seems to enjoy human company, and is happy to sit there and fall asleep in my arms some evenings.  He is quiet, kind, and a total professional to work with.  I cannot gush enough about how unbelievable his temperament and personality are!  Those two were the most important things for me when looking at an OTTB.  Athleticism followed after that, because if the horse and I don't get along, what's the point of having a super athletic horse?  I went to the track looking for my buddy.  That's how I described it to Soon's trainer.  And after a month together, I can truly say I have found my buddy.  :)

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