Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Boot Saga Concludes - La Mundials are in!

My custom boot saga has been documented throughout this blog, most notably here and here.  I ordered a pair of custom Dehner boots back in 2014 prior to moving away from Omaha.  It was my "Happy moving back to the east coast!" present to myself.  They showed up, and didn't fit right.  Features were missing.  After a lot of back/forth with myself over them, partially breaking them in and deciding they weren't what I wanted...I decided this spring that I wanted to move in a different direction.

And by move, I mean do a full 180 and leap off a cliff.

I was at World Cup in Omaha and passed by the La Mundial Boots booth several times.  After chatting with the rep a couple of times, I found myself in the chair getting my measurements taken.   This was a complete impulse thing and looking back on it, totally crazy.  Because when I got home and looked at the reviews of La Mundial, I probably never would have done it.  Seriously...Google them.

So, as I waited for the custom boots to come in, I was wondering if I should seriously regret this decision.  After all, if a reputable boot company couldn't get my stuff right, I guess I didn't have much faith in a company that seems to range from "OMG SO BEAUTIFUL!!1!" to literally probably the worst.  I pretty much sat here scolding myself for ever doing anything custom.  And when the boots didn't show up when they originally estimated, I got extra suspicious. 

I dug through my receipts and realized HOLY SHIT I CANNOT FIND MY BOOT RECEIPTS.  Yeah.  That happened.  Couldn't find it on email either.  Fuck fuck fuck.  So I called the La Mundial customer service phone number, and am happy to report that not only did a human being pick up, but she said they'd ship in a couple of days.  Okay.  I relaxed some.  Then much to my surprise, they showed up several days ahead of that new arrival date.  Let the puckering begin...

They. Are. Beautiful.  Legit beautiful.  And, most importantly, they fit perfectly!

The 180-degree turn off a cliff I was describing above was my departure from a traditional boot, and a full on embrace of today's more tailored, fashion-style boots.  These were my "fun" boots.  I wanted something to go along with our navy blue/grey/white color scheme we have going.  Without going full-on insane, I opted for navy blue trim with grey piping.  When I opened the box, I was so glad to see that the colors are both visible and lovely, but are conservative enough to not scream for attention.  It's a more subtle approach and I like that!

There's always that inner screaming and panic that first time you try on custom boots, but I was so relieved when they zipped right up with no issues.  They are the appropriate amount of tight (I'll stretch them slightly as I break them in), the height is perfect, and all the details are just right.  The quality looks to be top notch, and thus far just walking around the house, they are quite comfortable.

So...I guess time will tell how well these hold up.  Most of the negative reviews I found were regarding the ordering process/waiting/orders not being right....and we're already past all that with boots that more or less arrived on time, responsive customer service, and an impeccable product.  These are show boots that will probably only come out when my jacket goes on, so I am hoping they should last a while.  I also bought the extra (outer) panel on the inside the boot which can be easily replaced if the inside of the boot leg wears from saddle time. 

I give La Mundial a huge thumbs up for their product (thus far).  As for Dehner...the company and I came to a good agreement, the details of which I will keep private.  I no longer have the boots.  I was not pleased with the product, but I was happy with the service that I received.  I would still recommend Dehner to those looking for a very traditional, old school type boot.    But like with any custom boot company...buyer beware.  This is just a unique situation where one highly regarded company didn't work out, and one company with a checkered rep came through.  I'm feeling like I've dodged a bullet, but happy to have done so, because I'm finally happy with my boots.

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