Monday, September 26, 2016

George Morris clinic means instant inspiration

Yep two of our horses/riders participated in a 3-day George Morris clinic last week in The Plains and it was pretty much the most amazing thing ever.

Notes are in the photo below, and more in depth discussion is in my 2014 GHM Horsemastership Session post.  The man is brilliant in that he doesn't say or do anything earth-shattering or new, but rather he sticks to the strict basics of horsemanship and riding that horses respond to.  The discipline and focus on the fundamentals of riding is what makes him and all his students so successful.  The discussion of the French seat vs the German seat was very interesting as well, partially because there were riders that exemplified each school and GM was able to illustrate why the French/forward seat (what our American Forward Seat system is based on) is so effective for staying with the horse.

George even hopped on one of our Thoroughbreds in the third session and just raved about the horse.  "What a horse!" he said.  Scotty made us proud.  I have always loved that GHM is a Thoroughbred man, and isn't shy about praising or promoting the breed and its great qualities as a sport horse.

The man.  The myth.  The LEGEND.

It is just impossible to watch a GM clinic and not walk away inspired and wanting to work hard on not just your riding, but your horsemanship skills in general.  It's also impossible to be at a farm this gorgeous and not think you landed somewhere in heaven and maybe you could just live in one of the stalls....

(Do note the stone floor veranda completely with cush patio furniture that I couldn't afford for my house and the super nice grill that probably costs more than my horse)

Also...I went home and Soon and I did the thing and here is some proof:

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